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A Silent Protest

"The Indie Rock & Roll Band "A Silent Protest" (ASP) is a battering of two brothers
feverish affection for music... Driven by folk, blues, pop sensibilities, and rock & roll,
ASP takes influence, from the likes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Arcade Fire,
The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin,U2 White Stripes, Mumford and Sons, and the blues of
greats such as Sun House.. As well as anything that makes you feel something..."

"ASP is a orchestration from their gentle folk ideals that build to wailing highs of
screaming guitars backed by the driving crash of drums that constantly push their
aching melodies, cutting to the heart of their introspectively emotional lyrics.
Their high energy live show propels their musically rich songs...As they hold none
of their affections back..."

"Born in Florida, brothers Andrew and Matthew Hard have always had a love for
music. When Andrew picked up his father old classical guitar and taught himself
how to play the musical union began but it was while they were in college at
West Virginia University the brothers began in earnest. After numerous other
band members they found themselves in three feet of snow near Hartford, CT
with Matthew Hard on Drums/Vocals and Andrew Hard on Guitar/Vocals
bringing their sounds to the Northeast..." [+]