Aberdeen American News

The American News is a newspaper in Aberdeen, South Dakota, published by Schurz Communications of South Bend, Indiana. The Aberdeen News was founded as a weekly in 1885 by C.W. Starling and Paul Ware. Soon after, the Ordway Tribune, which had a power press, was moved to Aberdeen and combined with the News to produce a daily. In 1920, a competitor, the Aberdeen American, bought the News, and both were later purchased by the Aberdeen Journal. The Ridder family purchased the papers in 1928. The newspaper became The American News in 2004. In June 2006, The American News merged with McClatchy and was subsequently purchased by Schurz Communications. On July 13, 2010, The American News named Cory Bollinger as publisher after the death of publisher David Leone. In October, 2010, executive editor Cindy Eikamp retired after 21 years at that position. She was replaced by J.J. Perry. [1]