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AC Genetics: Speed Ryder #2 Automatic

The Speed Ryder #2 is a hybrid between the famous Lowryder #1 and the exotic Brazilian Santa Maria. By pairing the Lowryder #1 with the Santa Maria a new autoflowering variety has been created which gives a better yield, a better taste and a higher percentage of THC.The Speed Ryder #2 is a bushy, compact autoflowering variety with a very high indica percentage. She will stay very low; under optimum circumstances she will not grow larger than 30-40 cm! Excellent choice for the discreet guerilla grower. She will create a large amount of dark green leaves and will automatically flower after forming just a couple of internodes.Despite her small stature the Speed Ryder #2 forms a considerable main cola and often many buds on her side branches . These buds will smell spicy and give off a complex indica scent. The taste of the Speed Ryder is very skunk-like with a fruity aftertaste. She's known for her extremely calming effect with a medium-strong body high.Speed Ryder #2 is 100% autoflowering and will complete her life cycle in 63 - 68 days. From seed to harvest!Type Ruderalis - Indica - SativaGenetics Lowryder #1 x Santa MariaGender FeminizedAutoflowering 100%Height indoor 30 - 60 cm.Height outdoor up to 1 meterYield indoor (optimum conditions) 250 - 350 gr/m2Yield outdoor (optimum conditions) 30 - 60 gr/plant From germination to harvest 63 - 68 daysTHC 12 - 15% [+]