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ACE: Erdpurt

Impressive indica bred from two lines developed in Switzerland: Erdbeer afghani indica and Purpurea Ticinensis, the latter being a purple outdoor line coming from the already disappeared Owl's Genetics Seedbank.The former is famous for its strength, its resistance to extreme cold and its fast ripening. Erdpurt is also a very ornamental plant due to the multiple autumn colors it acquires in the ripening process. Spectacular indica leaves, enormous stems and buds as strong as stones make this indica with potent narcotic effect an infallible choice for the coldest and most adverse climates because it can stand even several days of freezing cold without suffering any damage.F6 STABILIZED HYBRID100 % INDICAFLOWERING TIME INDOORS: 7-9 WEEKSFLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS: SEPTEMBERYIELD/M2: MEDIUM-HIGHRESISTANCE AGAINST SPIDER MITES: MEDIUMRESISTANCE AGAINST MILDEW: MEDIUMRESISTANCE AGAINST BOTRYTIS: ALTARESISTANCE AGAINST COLD: VERY HIGH [+]