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ACE: Mazar-i-Sharif

Seeds come directly from Mazar-i-Sharif growers and are traditionally used by the Afghan growers in order to produce one of the best hashish in the world.Strong indica with wide and dark leaves. It is a strong resinous plant with early flowering. It is resistant to warmth, cold temperatures and lack of water.Mazari is a very popular indica that has been used for the development of many modern hybrids and we can now offer it to you in all its purity, without hybridizing it, so that you can explore this classic indica.LANDRACE STRAINSTANDARD - FEMALES AND MALES100 % INDICAFLOWERING TIME INDOORS: 7-9 WEEKSFLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS: SEPTIEMBREYIELD/M2: MEDIUM-HIGHRESISTANCE AGAINST SPIDER MITES: MEDIUMRESISTANCE AGAINST MILDEW: MEDIUM-LOWRESISTANCE AGAINST BOTRYTIS: MEDIUM-LOWRESISTANCE AGAINST COLD: MEDIUM-HIGH [+]