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ACE: Thai Stick

Thai Stick was one of the most famous thai sativas imported into North America during the 70s and the 80s. These imported powerful and appreciated sativa flowers came from Thailand compactly packed in small stems of cannabis. Such was the potency of those Thai Sticks that smokers believed that they were bathed in hashish or opium. We exclusively offer you this much loved sativa that has been practically extinct in the usual cannabis-growers environment over the last decades. The seeds come directly from thai growers.LANDRACE STRAIN100 % SATIVAFLOWERING INDOORS: 16-18 WEEKS.FLOWERING OUTDOORS: DECEMBERYIELD/M2: MEDIUMRESISTANCE AGAINST SPIDER MITE: MEDIUMRESISTANCE AGAINST MILDEW: MEDIUMRESISTANCE AGAINST BOTRYTIS: VERY HIGHRESISTANCE AGAINST COLD: MEDIUM [+]