Adam Toren

Adam Toren is a mentor, serial entrepreneur, and advisor who for the last 20 years has provided assistance in growth strategies, and digital marketing to emerging and distressed small businesses. [4][3]


Born and raised in Vancouver, BC he and his brother Matthew Toren have always had an interest in the pursuit of business and entrepreneurship. Their grandfather advised them "procrastination is the thief of fortune", and taught them to watch, listen, discuss and learn the mannerisms that make people buy and to provide value to each client. [11]


Their grandfather also helped them with their first when they were between 7 and 8 years old, selling Dipper Do Stunt Airplanes at a folk festival. The two discovered the ways in which to astound and impress an audience, triggering the right emotions that leave people begging to buy, and solving the biggest barrier to business success most entrepreneurs face. [11]


Throughout high school, Matthew and Adam tested and refined their marketing and management skills, selling car stereo systems, importing children’s toys from Hong Kong, and managing a modest vending machine empire they planned, started, and eventually sold.  [11]


By their early 20s, Matthew and Adam proved their entrepreneurial prowess was more than mere child’s play, starting a premium pet food company with a monthly auto-ship membership, a printing and graphics company, and a women’s Fashion accessory brand—all of which were successfully sold within 15 months of startup. [11]


Matthew and Adam purchased, re-designed, and renovated a struggling billiards hall, turning what was a failure into the epitome of their entrepreneurial vision and a success that matched the demands of their market. After 12 months, they sold the venture and earned comfortable profits. [11]

Further Ventures

The siblings began to collect and buy internet domain names in the late 1990's and started their first batch of publishing companies, selling two of them to larger media companies. [11]  


In 1999, their experiences since a young age laid the foundation to launch a highly successful brand called, which grew up to become the largest social networking sites for young entrepreneurs in the world. They were later acquired by in 2011. [11]  


They have also sold 6 physical magazines and online niche community sites with 750,000+ subscribers and readers in 2015. [11]



They have published and marketed their award-winning program which has been a true passion project called which includes a book and curriculum used hundreds of thousands of kids, parents and teachers and now in hundreds of schools worldwide. [11]


They have also published a second award-winning book with John Wiley & Sons called Small Business BIG Vision, and started, managed, and sold 25+ forums, blogs, and niche sites. [11]


For the siblings, entrepreneurship is a passion they started while in their youth with the practical lessons learned through constant pursuit of perfection. They are still young at heart in knowing how to start, optimize, and sell successful business ventures. [11]


Success is managing the game of starting, running and growing a business. There are strategies and tactics, successes and failures, excitement, risk, and the promise of reward. And, like any game, when you start, build, or scale a venture you’re faced with an unknown set of odds—a situation where the results are truly an “unknown.” [11]


They always believe a new door for opportunity and discovery opens. [11]