Adventure Pack Hand-Selected Gourmet items

The Adventure Package includes five different hand-selected gourmet items. The Portuguese Adventure Package includes: Triunfo Maria Crackers - These light, crisp crackers are a delicious snack and the perfect base for enjoying cheeses, jams, spreads, meats, and dips. Macarico Piri-Piri Sauce (Hot Sauce) The Macarico Piri-Piri Sauce is a wonderful hot sauce that adds a nice depth of flavor to any number of dishes. Piri-Piri is the name used in the Portuguese language to describe the African bird’s eye chili. Atum Bom Petisco(Canned Tuna) - Portugal is known for its high quality fresh fish, so it’s no wonder that the country’s canned fish is considered gourmet. Regina Chocolate Bar Standing as Portugal’s oldest and most famous chocolate brand, Regina is a named associated with quality and distinction. Enjoy your Regina chocolate bar with an espresso or as an after dinner dessert. [+]