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Airwalk Laser Blue Womens Snowboard

Its time to ditch your old snowboard and strap into something that may fit your style better. With the Airwalk Laser Blue all mountain snowboard that will no longer be an issue for you. The Laser Blue is perfect for any beginner looking to get away from renting every time and want their very own snowboard. The Laser Blue features a cap or sandwich construction which makes getting the snowboard on edge much easier, allowing for easier turning. A Camber profile gives the riders more control, easier to make toe-side and heel-side turns which are the basics of snowboarding. Camber provides amazing edge hold on icy and all weather conditions. A Camber profile gives the Laser Blue the ability for riders to charge down the mountain effortlessly while having the power to ollie over any object in there way. With its flex the Laser Blue is the perfect snowboard for any rider making their first turns ever or not looking to break there bank. [+]