Al Holbrook Music

Born in Dayton Ohio, raised on funk, jazz and classical styles
Mr Holbrook has truly found his voice as an artist over the past few years,
perfecting his raspy steeped in the blues, poured from a folk singers tea pot,
brand of Gritty blues/Soul that is both infectiously catchy and
dirty. His sound will make you wanna wallow down in the rain and mud
until your shirt is torn, your jeans stained, and your shoes say you've been somewhere and were thankful
for the party and the carefree good times.

The Al Holbrook Band consist of Nikki Reitz (Cello)Colt Williams (Guitar) and Al Holbrook (Piano, Rhodes, B3 Vocals)
And merges elements of improve into each set keeping every performance new, engaging and Entertaining! [+]