Alex & the Anders

The best way to describe the musical calamity that is Alex & the Anders is a term coined by bassist Tucker Carter late one drunken night after a show while sitting in an alley in their home town of Tulsa Oklahoma. "Bar-Punk" he said, cigarette in hand, "...That's what we are". And the term fits. Guitarist/lead vocalist Alex Munson and his lifelong chum harmonica/washboard player Tomas Burkhart respectively brought folk and blues elements to the table when they began performing as a duo in 2007 with a sound that was made for smokey rooms and cheap booze. But with the addition of Carter and drummer Blake Jarman, each of whom grew up listening to and playing in punk bands, that sound took on a new energy. Their 2009 debut EP "LIVE (and under the influence)" successfully displayed the bands knack for entertaining a crowd with it's catchy drunken sing-a-long choruses which, along with a handful of spectacular regional festival performances, solidified them as one of the areas best live bands.

Their latest offering and first full-length studio effort, the self-produced "Bar Punk Blues" carries on that theme even re-visiting some of "LIVE"'s tracks to give them the full studio treatment, complete with guest accompaniments that help keep things interesting. But the album mainly consists of new material that showcases the bands range and ability to incorporate darker themes both lyrically and musically while still maintaining the overall fun sensibility that continues to delight crowds who turn out to local dives to here some good wholesome Tulsa bar-punk, compliments of the band who invented and embody the title. [+]