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Alexa Kriss

Twenty year old Nebraska college student and singer/songwriter Alexa Kriss is releasing her debut Pop Rock album and several music videos! Exciting, unique, all original sound with a mix of pure vocals and rock inspired pop tunes are certain to have you up and dancing! The creation of Alexa’s slick new sound is a result of a variety of musical influences ranging from Celine Dion, The Beatles, Dave Matthews, The Darkness, and The Scorpions.
As a tiny tot, Alexa knew how to entertain an audience with her unforgettable voice, using anything she could stand on as a stage. By the time she was 14, Alexa had numerous musical recognitions, countless 1st place trophies, was a fluent rhythm guitar player, fronted her own band, made two appearances on National Television, recorded professionally, had written her own music, started her own music festival, and worked with some of the biggest names in the business.
Alexa grew up with her family in the little Midwest Nebraska town of Arapahoe and, like most small-town kids, participated in most activities offered. A straight-A student, Alexa is no stranger to managing her time and has quickly become a pro. Along with her musical talents, Alexa exercised (no pun intended) her natural athleticism as she trained as a sprinter for the University of Nebraska at Kearney track team her freshmen year of college… most likely to outrun the paparazzi! Music, however, has always remained Alexa’s #1 passion; something she can’t live without.
Alexa is now a sophomore at UNK with a major in Exercise Science Fitness and Wellness. After searching rigorously in gutters, alley ways, and trash cans, Alexa found members to complete her full Pop Rock band. She enjoys celebrating her birthday on New Year’s Eve, meeting her fans, playing over 40 shows a year, jamming with her band, attending bible study, hanging out with her friends, training her cat, and being a goofball with her little brother and sister! Alexa Kriss is ready to rock! [+]