Alex Marie Brinkley (born Alexandra Marie Brinkley) was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas in 1997 – only 16 years ago. Her mother, a professional musician herself, was very happy Alex began singing at the early age of one, hardly able to talk, but able to carry a tune. She started out giving small concerts in the living room, belting out “Jane & Michael Banks” from Mary Poppins and many other iconic Disney songs such as “Part Of Your World” from the Little Mermaid. Alex was raised in a loving home by her mother, Pam, and eventually her stepfather, Joe. Music was always a terrific outlet for Alex, especially during years when she was bullied. Her original song “Fly” was the result of this. Alex has always said that she wants others “to be able to relate to her songs and to not feel alone.” She writes exactly what she’s feeling – directly from the heart. Although she hasn’t had a ton of life experiences yet, she’s always been a compassionate and listening friend, so some of her music is written from other peoples' experiences. She plays piano and sings around the state as much as she can, performing national anthems anywhere from the Fort Worth Cats' baseball stadium to the Women’s NBA down in San Antonio. Currently, she has around 15 original songs and 25 cover songs that she sings with everything that she has. Alex has a kind, funny, and down to earth personality and that comes through in her music. To book Alex, you can email her at or call 817-739-4866. [+]