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Originating from East Orange New Jersey in the 80's Feno, AKA ALLDAYWITIT, was born when Hip Hop culture evolved in nearby New York. He was break dancing at 4 years old and had 4 uncles who were DJ's. Feno became a product of his environment and at 15 started Arcade, his first rap group and called himself Surenuf. Feno learned to make music with equipment from D&D Studios producing beats with video game themes. He had sponsorship from video game makers featuring Mario Brothers and donkey beats.

Feno learned more about the music business when he went to Miami in 2000 working with artists Mr. C, Cool Town and Reggie. Feno raps freestyle and has created numerous songs and also promotes and features many local artists. GhettoCable.Webs.Com is an official website Feno created for sharing and entertainment. He features an artist of the month among his hiphop peers and members are allowed to post their music and related videos for exposure and networking. He was instrumental in bringing D'one, an Alabama rap group, to the number one position on Reverb Nation and has been there numerous times himself. He loves making videos, editing them to perfection for promoting his friends and music colleagues and is also finishing up a movie portraying a positive social message that will appeal to those who need it most as evident in the name of the movie "Thug". Feno has several clothing lines giving his fans a way to share and feel the GhettoCable and AllDAYWITIT experience they love. He has created Master Mind Management which encompasses a team of like minded individuals to coordinate his different venues. This artist is all about changes for the betterment of all humankind. He seeks to inspire all those who touch his life with the passion to believe in themselves and fulfill their destiny. This rapper has it all going for him and the world is going to love him. Genre: Hip Hop / R&B / Rap

Location NEWARK / MIAMI /. N.C./s.c., United States [+]