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All Over Creation (book)


The long-awaited new novel from the author of My Year Of Meat - a stunning literary soap opera. The most original new literary voice in years... In the stark light of day we bear witness to the trials of the Fuller family, cultivators of Fuller Farms in Power County, Idaho. With a lifetime of careful propagation, preservation and patient nurturing of potatoes and seeds behind them, Lloyd Fuller and his Japanese wife, Momoko, have begun to feel the ravages of time. Their only daughter, Yumi, left home twenty-five years ago, and now they must attempt to consider the future of their precious yet fragile livelihood. Meanwhile a troupe of young revolutionaries are scouring the land in their faithful Winnebego, their eccentric, volatile lives focused on restoring farming practice to its basic beginnings and curbing genetic modification once and for all. As the 'Seeds of Resistance' come crashing into Fullers Farms so too does Yumi return to the fold, and the lives of Lloyd and Momoko are certain never to be the same again... [1]