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Alphakronik Genes: Cheddarhead

Cheddarhead is the next step in our "Cheddar" lineup, following the success of Cheddarwurst 1 and 2. Cheddarhead is a mix of super fruity flavours, intense trichome production, with a marked increase in yield over the Exodus Cheese mother. Exodus Cheese is a phenotype of Skunk that was found in the UK in 1988. It is world famous for both its wonderfully narcotic effects as well as its classic blueberries and cream cheese flavours. The Cheddarheard's flavours range from blueberries and grape to skittles and cotton candy. This is the cross for growers looking for our fruitiest tasting hybrid, with a shorter flowering time. It is very receptive to training and SOG/SCROG, mould and mildew resistant and a very hearty grower. [+]