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Alphakronik Genes: Qwad Dawg

Alphakronik Genes' Qwad Dawg is a new hybrid that was made to stabilise the flavour found within the Snowdawg 2 while adding more vigour to the line. The Snowdawg is long known for heavy yields, intense flavour and for making superior ice-water extract. By crossing the best progeny of the Snowdawg 2 line, Alphakronik Genes made a new hybrid that possesses many of the best traits of the original Snowdawg mother, both with added sweetness and a new flavour profile. The tastes and aromas that are found in Qwad Dawg range from over-ripened fruit to Cotton Candy with an underlying diesel flavour that coats the mouth. Expect large yields of extremely sticky, medium density buds that grow in a conical shape with good branching and tight node separation. Qwad Dawg is also resistant to mould and mildew. [+]