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Alphakronik Genes: Sin City Kush

Alphakronik Genes Seeds Sin City Kush Alphakronik Genes۪ new Kush cross Sin City Kush۝ is the first offering from the Las Vegas Purple Kush cutting they received in 2006.  The purpose of this cross was to challenge the low to medium sized yield of the Las Vegas Purple Kush with a bit of heft from the Snowdawg BX father, while maintaining the lilac sweetness that is the trademark scent of the LV Purple Kush.   The effects when smoked range from unmoveable to couchlocked and confused.  Do not expect to complete many tasks when medicated on this hybrid.  You۪ve been warned. Type : Indica/Sativa Hybrid (80/20) Flowering :  Photoperiod Genetics : Las Vegas Purple Kush x Snowdawg BX Flowering Time : 65-75 Days Indoors Outdoor Harvest : October Height : 1.0 1.25x Stretch THC Level : Characteristics:  Very Strong Branching, Stout Structure, Large Fan Leaf, Dark Purple at Harvest, Glistening White Trichomes. [+]