Alphakronik Genes: Skyscraper Kush

Skyscraper Kush is a mix of diesel and kush parents that is for the grower who is looking for lots of branching and doesn't mind a bit of stretch. The 707 Headband mother of this hybrid is considered to be one of the best "diesel" strains on the West Cost and for good reason, it offers heavy yields of sticky and extremely stinky buds. Hoping to add some rigidity to the structure and to tame its sativa like stretch, we have decided to ross it with our Sin City Kush male to also add a bit of sweetness to the flavour profile. We think the progeny is an excellent representation of the mother but with a new and unique flavour profile and a bit of a more rounded cannabinoid profile. This is very good evening time smoke, when all the chores have been done and there is nothing left to do but relax and allow the pains of the day to cool to a peaceful simmer. [+]