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Champion of the Moon.

Celebrating the release of their fourth album, ‘Champion of the Moon’
(2014), Anaura is pursuing distribution and festival dates in Europe and

The San Francisco/Oakland dark rock band, finds themselves musically
squashed between Wings, The Cardigans, The Smiths and Weezer-esque
inspired pop gems. Darker melodically brooding tracks bring to mind Kent
(Sweden), The Motorhomes (Sweden), Kashmir (Denmark), and The Stills

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an aura |’ôrə|
noun (pl. auras) [ usu. in sing. ]
• the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be
generated by a person, thing, or place: the ceremony retains an aura
of mystery. Allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.
• a dark pop band hailing from San Francisco, founded in 2003.
“Each song to follow on Champion of the Moon is
just as well-crafted and the guitar tones are shockingly
perfect, allowing every note to shine as intended. “Vinyl”
is a more distorted, straight-forward pop creation the
likes of Weezer, “Blood Letter” contains more arranged
vocals that rise and fall in a Beatles or Jellyfish-esque
fashion, and “Dark Horse” is chalk full of 90’s goodness
as the song pounds its way to a climax as though someone
put Sunny Day Real Estate into a blender with U2. ”
– Clayton Lancaster,

Alex Hillmer:
Vocal & Guitar
Josh Manion:
Drums & Background Vocals
Robert Gilligan:
Guitar & Background Vocals
Jarad Kufeldt:

Anaura releases:
Champion of the Moon, 2014
All the Secrets You Know, 2008
If We Get Away with This, 2005
Anaura, 2003

Anaura is currently listening to:
The Cardigans, The Stills,
Elliott Smith, Kashmir, Doves,
The Smiths, and T-Rex.

Anaura has toured from:
Oregon to San Diego and
all points in between.

Anaura has played with:
Beach House, Scissors for Lefty,
BirdMonster, and The Dimes. [+]