Yang Ying (born 28 February 1989), better known by her stage name Angelababy, is a Chinese model, actress, and singer.[3] Her stage name came from the combination of her English name "Angela" and her nickname "Baby".[4]

Early life

Angelababy was born on 28 February 1989 in Shanghai, to a father from Hong Kong, who is of half Chinese and half German descent, and a Shanghainese mother from Shanghai. Her birth name is Yang Ying (Cantonese: Yeung Wing). Her father runs a fashion business in Shanghai.[5] She gained an interest in fashion as a child under her father's influence. She said in an interview, "Even though he [her father] sells more mature clothes, I loved going to his store and trying on new outfits, and mixing and matching them. It was fun. I think that's how I developed a passion for fashion."[5] She is fluent in Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese, and has a basic command of English.

Angelababy moved to Hong Kong when she was thirteen,[5] and graduated from Notre Dame College. Although her English name is Angela, she was sometimes called "Baby" during her primary and secondary school years. When she started modeling, she combined these two names to Angelababy.[5]


She was first signed as a model by Style International Management when she was 14 years old.[5]

Despite being an actual fashion model, she was also associated with the pseudo-model scene in Hong Kong[6] and released several pseudo-model pictorial albums.

She starred in the Japanese web drama Tweet Love Story in July 2010. The basis of the drama is audience participation via Twitter; selected viewer tweets with the hashtag #tweetlovestory would complete missing lines spoken by Ying.

She did the speaking voice to Rapunzel in the Cantonese dub of Disney's "Tangled".

In May 2012, she signed a contract with Avex Group for activities in Japan.[5] She has since been studying Japanese.[5] In 2014, she became a commercial film model of Hotel Shilla's Duty Free Shop which is an affiliated company of Samsung Group in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2015, she became the product ambassador of Meitu phone in China.[7]

Personal life

Angelababy had been dating Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, who is 11 years her senior, for six years, but their relationship was not revealed to the public until February 2014. On 27 May 2015 they obtained their marriage certificate in Qingdao, China[8] and their wedding banquet took place in Shanghai on 8 October 2015.[9] The wedding banquet was reported to be one of the most lavish in China's history with a reported estimate of US$31 million.[10] That same month, Ying sued a Ruili clinic for US$80,000 for referring to her as a recipient of plastic surgery. An examination she underwent at a Beijing hospital concluded that her face showed no signs of prior surgical work.[11]



YearEnglish title[3][3]Chinese titleRoleNotes
2007Trivial Matters破事兒Tak Nga
2009Short of Love矮仔多情Angel
2010All's Well, Ends Well 2010花田囍事2010Princess Pearl of Flowerland
Hot Summer Days全城熱戀熱辣辣Xiao Qi
2011All's Well, Ends Well 2011最強囍事Better
Tangled魔髮奇緣Rapunzel (speaking)Cantonese version
The Founding of a Party建黨偉業Xiao Fengxian
Love in Space全球熱戀Huang Mudan
A Simple Life桃姐Herself
Love You You夏日樂悠悠Xia Mi
2012Black & White痞子英雄Fan Ning
The First Time第一次Sonq Shiqiao
Tai Chi 0太極之零開始Chen Yuniang
Tai Chi Hero太極2 英雄崛起Chen Yuniang
2013Together在一起Lin Shengnan
Crimes of Passion一場風花雪月的事Yue Yue
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon狄仁杰之神都龍王Yin Ruiji
2014Temporary Family失戀急讓Lui Yuen-ping
Rise of the Legend黃飛鴻之英雄有夢Xiao Hua
Love on the Cloud微愛之漸入佳境Chen Xi
2015Running Man奔跑吧!兄弟Herself
You Are My Sunshine何以笙簫默He Yimei
Bride Wars新娘大作戰He Jing
Hitman: Agent 47代號47Diana BurnwoodSmall role
Mojin: The Lost Legend鬼吹燈之尋龍訣Ding Sitian
2016Kill Time謀殺似水年華[3][3]
Independence Day: Resurgence天煞—地球反擊戰2Rain Lao
League of Gods封神傳奇Mermaid
Love O2O微微一笑很傾城Post-production
2017The Ferryman酒國英雄之擺渡人Post-production[3]


YearEnglish titleChinese titleRoleNotes
2014Chef Nic十二道鋒味HerselfVariety show
2014–presentHurry Up, Brother奔跑吧兄弟HerselfVariety show
2015Love Yunge from the Desert大漢情緣之雲中歌Huo Yunge[3]



  • 2010: Beauty Survivor
  • 2011: Love Never Stops
  • 2011: Everyday's A Beautiful Story
  • 2012: Can We Smile Together[3]

Compilation albums

  • 2011: m-flo TRIBUTE ~stitch the future and past~ (Her song "Tripod Baby" is included)

Ying sings the theme from the 2010 Vidal Sassoon Japanese "Beauty Survivor" campaign. The song was released as a single. It is sung in English and Japanese.