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Apex 140 Podium Condenser Mic

The Apex140 is a miniature electret condenser cardioid microphone permanently attached to a slim, flexible gooseneck. It readily provides the performance needed for any podium mounted public address or broadcast application.

The Apex140 features a controlled low frequency roll off, a smooth mid range and a specially contoured upper range designed specifically to give a far more natural and brighter sound in all environments where clear, concise and clean voice reproduction is required. A superior and uniform unidirectional polar pattern minimizes feedback, reverberation, back ground noise and off-axis coloration.

It has an XLR (male) connector built into the base, making it ideal for podium mount with the optional Apex podium shock mount adapter. Included with the Apex140 is a foam windscreen to reduce wind noise and speech produced popping sounds during more enthusiastic sermons, and speeches.