Apex MC-2 Ski Boots

The MC-2 from Apex is a boot that is designed to be comfortable and deliver performance. The Inner Walking boot has an EVA Heat Moldable Liner that will give you a custom liner for a dialed in fit. A Dual BOA Closure System with 18 different points of closure will give you plenty of space for fine tuning your fit. The walking boot of the MC-2 has a Front Tongue Handle that will make it very easy for you to enter and exit the boot. The Open Chassis has the ability to transfer energy and power for you. An A-Flex Suspension System gives you a flex that starts at 120 that can be cranked up to 130, or toned down to 110 to meet your skiing style or the conditions for that day. The Open Chassis has a Cuff Alignment adjustment just like a traditional hard plastic shell does to keep you faster edge to edge and on the cat tracks. If you need a ski boot that will comfortable, yet still be able to deliver performance the Apex MC-2 will be a great choice. Apex Ski Boots bring total comfort and performance unlike any ski boot manufacture ever has. The Inner Boot is soft, easy to walk in, and extremely comfortable by having the ability to be heat molded to your foot. The outer boot is designed to give you lateral stiffness and control over your skis, all wrapped up into one neat package. [+]