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Apex ML-1 Womens Ski Boots

The Apex ML-1 is designed for the intermediate to advanced skier that is still looking for that glass slipper to fit Cinderella's foot. The soft inner boot has a heat moldable liner and a single BOA Reel that will give you a soft and supple wrap firmly on your feet. The External Skeleton has all of the same adjustments that a traditional alpine boot has. The Upper Cuff is designed just for the shorter, fuller female leg shape, which will eliminate pressure on your calves. The soft boot will not transmit cold temperatures through it the same way a hard plastic alpine boot will, to keep your feet warm and toasty on cold days. The soft boot fits into an outer skeleton that has DIN soles, and the ability to transfer energy and control to your skis. A Flex adjustment can fine tune your flex that starts at 90, and can be turned down to 80 or cranked up to 100 depending on how aggressive you feel like skiing. The outer skeleton also has micro adjustable buckles and a cuff alignment adjustment to get your stance perfectly dialed in. When it is time for you to find that glass slipper that will fit you perfectly the Apex ML-1 will come from a prince presenting it to you on a pillow. Apex Ski Boots bring total comfort and performance unlike any ski boot manufacture ever has. The Inner Boot is soft, easy to walk in, and extremely comfortable by having the ability to be heat molded to your foot. The outer boot is designed to give you lateral stiffness and control over your skis, all wrapped up into one neat package. [+]