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April May

April May, a newly formed mid-west rock n roll trio out of Central Ohio are getting things ready to hit music and art communities all over the country in support of their first EP titled, ZERO|STUDIO|ANGEL|DUST. Soon to follow will be their self-titled full length debut album featuring the hopeful single “Blood”, which should get everybody’s blood pumping.

With some local show dates starting in mid-May, the band is MEGA-focused to make some real highway headway as they work their way OUT of the "unhappiest city in the US". Dedicating much of this first year on the road reaching out to new listeners, meeting new friends in new places. One city at a time, hoping to build their blended “soft|rock|hard” fan base across much of our beautiful nation.

Bassist Dalton Sullivan and drummer Jordan Guthrie lock in together as a young and talented, sonically explosive rhythm section for singer|song writer|guitarist, Troy James Cromwell. The pure adrenalin rush you get from these three fusing multiple genres together, can be straight up mind-bending. They will numbify you. April May are the storm and the calm before the storm, and their ability to paint with sound, makes them a must see, must hear band for 2014. Each member brings all very different musical influences to the table; their sound is fresh; their lyrics matter; making them an easy listen for anyone who loves music - respectively.

After coming together in late 2013, these dream driven DIY rockers share a soul purpose. The writing|recording|performing of their original material on a national level is without a doubt their #1 priority as a band. "Touring is essential in the world of music if you hope to share your music with the world, and April May intend to do just that".

So no matter the era, psychedelic sounds of the late 60’s, or the hard-rock|funk of the 70’s, rock|metal|pop of the 80’s, grunge|shoegaze of the 90’s, or the indie|folk|art of today.…I'm thinking you will like what you hear in April May. Their Fender clean mindset has them primed and ready for a very sweet, sweet ride. [+]