Aquaglide Summit Express

If you have a camp, club, water park, or have a lot of room on the lake, the Aquaglide Summit Express will provide hours of fun, every day, every year. Combining three distinct play areas, the Summit Express offers a climbing wall, zero-entry slide and sizable cave area for bouncing and climbing. With the Interloc System you can connect other Aquaglide items to the Summit and have a massive and envious playground on the water. Made with DuraTex, a commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material, and Hot Air Welded, the Summit is of the highest quality and has outstanding durability. Up Grip Handles make boarding and climbing convenient and easy, you can even hang off of them. The material has been UV Blocked which means the material has a high resistance to the sun's damaging rays. When it comes to water park play areas nothing can top the Aquaglide Summit Express. [+]