Arcadia Backfire

Arcadia Backfire started in 2010 when Daniel Ferguson, Mike Curtis and Will Dentino started playing music together in a basement. It was a small practice space but it was perfect for what they wanted to do. Over the course of time, they had written all sorts of tunes but nothing that really inspired them. Soon later, Will broke apart from the group. While Will was away, Mike and Daniel still carried the torch. Almost completely breaking up, Mike and Daniel decided to give the band other chance. In 2012, they started recording songs through one microphone plugged into a computer and then multi-tracking. Though none of the recordings had a good sounding quality, there was still a powerful song behind all the static. Shortly after, the guys came into contact with Clint Lowery (Sevendust) and managed to do some co-writes on some songs. After that, Mike and Dan decided they wanted to perform in front of a crowd and make music people would want to hear. They soon came into contact with Dave Prus, owner of Ambient Studios, and recorded some fresh songs. Now the question was how would the play live with only two people in the group. The guys then came back into contact with Will and he was really digging what they had been working on. Then there was 3. In 2013, Mike, Daniel and Will, along with the help of Kyle Swenson, opened the Cincy Homegrown Rockfest in Newport, KY. This being the first show, it couldn't have gone better. Though Kyle was not an official member, They still were on the look out for that 4th guy. Then, Parker Coleman found the group and really liked what they were doing. After that, they had some jam sessions and really liked how everyone was vibing off one another. Soon after Arcadia Backfire was an official 4 piece band. [+]