Archive: RudeBoi OG

The Atlanta favourite, The "Irene" OG.  From the original source Rudeboi/Grohard, and named after him.  An awesomely potent mix of all things OG and Kush from the legendary Socal palate of lip-smacking flavours.  The Irene is famous throughout the South East USA where it commands the highest price and is sought after by all those who will pay the fee to enjoy the sophisticated flavour and it's sublimely potent effect.  Our Rudeboi OG hybrid makes for the a very uncommon fragrance that is supremely satisfying.  Difficult to describe, it's those "old school" dank hashy kushy low notes of both parents that gets amplified 10 fold in the cross-breed and makes for the of the most inexplicably delightful and refreshing smoke. [+]