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Area 51 Craft Brewery

Area 51 Craft Brewery was founded by Mike Hawkins of Rialto, California. His vision of becoming a unique brewer in a competitive business is a success story in the creation of "Alien Head Beer", which is now known worldwide. He started very small, but is now growing at an unbelieveable pace, thanks to a lot of hard work finally paying off and a lot of prayers being answered. Says Mike: "Initially, I decided to make everything from scratch because I couldn't afford to buy whatI needed. Once I made a 1932 yellow deuce coupe in my garage and it became a beautiful running hot rod. A buddy of mine told me "If I could do that, then I could make a brewery come true!" That really stuck with me. Little Area 51 Craft Brewery takes a chance in a worldwide market and it was a good choice according to an ever growing popularity. Why Alien Head Beer? Earthly beers are brewed somewhat similar ways and have a common process. Alien Head Beer is actually brewed in a special process that is unlike other breweries and delivers a taste that is out of this world! "We're already thinking ahead and out of the box of what may come next. Maybe one day soon, we'll think of something crazier!" says Mike. [+]