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"Arescyn has returned with a prophecy from the elder gods. Time and space has lost its master over their souls and they are calling for an expansion of the mind. The insistent howling released from within their bodies is a cry to every ear eager willing to listen and accept change in not only the music industry but also the world. Spending over two years of being homeless, living in their van, and then a year of being apart in solitude; They have brought back hundreds of new stories from their travels to share with every single person on this earth. They speak of their trials of being oppressed by a society that doesn’t care anymore, the poor classes daily struggles, the dark side of the world that no one ever sees, and their travels in between Sanctum and Inferno, all of these many releases from Arescyn will begin Spring 2012. When you listen to their creations you will be enthralled in a world in which you have never been apart of but, you will feel more at home than ever. Enthralling stories followed with blaring emotion, plot twists and everything you’d expect from a good book is right here in Arescyn’s newest works. When you listen to their upcoming release THE KING OF THIEVES you will be pulled into the life and time of a banished forest prince seeing the world through his third eye for the first time. You will venture with him into the deepest dungeons seeking treasures from past civilizations, battle fierce deities and demons, lose loved ones and follow a band of misfit warriors through all their conquests and mishaps on their way to world rejuvenation. The strangest thing about this band is that they give all of their music away for free and refuse to let people purchase it. So go home download all of their newest songs for free on their facebook and purevolume. Lock up your house, shut off the lights, and relive the life and times of THE KING OF THEIVES." [+]