Armada Tremor Mens Mittens

The Tremor Mitt is the mitten of the pros, as it is B-Dog's personally designed mitt. And B-Dog doesn't just bring style to this mitt, he brings all the function a pro skier could possibly need. The nylon shell has an inner Hipora insert, that is a waterproof and windproof insert to keep your mitts (and this mitt) dry all day long. The palm is made from synthetic suede for better grips on your poles of on those rails, and as an extra bonus, Armada has thrown in a silly palm print of a dog's paw, because why not? Or maybe because of the name B-Dog, who knows - The point is, with 150 grams of Thinsulate insulation, this is the warm and dry mitt with a touch of class clown that you've been looking for. Pick one up and maybe shoot for that ever elusive professional skier name yourself. [+]