Astral Camino 200 Adult Kayak Life Jacket | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

Whether you're a raft guide, a sea kayaker or just want your life vest to have large pockets and lots of comfort, the Astral Camino 200 Life Jacket is the one for you. Utilizing AIRESCAPE technology, you'll have a highly breathable and more comfort life jacket. This technology helps remove the excessive build up of heat and perspiration so that your core temperature remains at an ideal level. This life jacket is also sculpted in a way to reduce body-to-PFD contact by up to 70%. What this does is use contoured foam to allow air to circulate greatly reducing the levels of perspiration and hot air that often gets trapped. Two Large Zippered Front Pockets give you plenty of room to store the necessities and two Hand Pockets with Carabiner Park provides a little more room and comfort as well as a way to snap into a tow system if necessary. A reflective front on the Astral Camino 200 Life Jacket brings additional security and protection. [+]