Astral Sea Wolf Adult Kayak Life Jacket 2016

Great fitting and very comfortable, the Astral Sea Wolf Life Jacket was made for the kayaker who wants both comfort and convenience all in one life jacket. This lightweight Sea Wolf is made with Foam Tectonics which moves freely with your body so you can paddle hard without feel restricted. You'll have two side pockets to keep some thing nearby instead of shoving everything into the hatches and a large Clamshell Front Pocket with 4 Compartments so that you have the necessities nearby and within easy reach. Reflective Accents and Strobe Light Attachment Points keeps you safe in the dimming evening time as well as easier to seek out if you find that you're really in need of help. There's even fleece handwarmers so that you can keep your hands feeling good if the weather is chilly. With so many amenities and designed with comfort in mind, the Astral Sea Wolf Life Jacket is a great way to stay safe and protected while still having the freedom of mobility and convenience of storing things nearby. [+]