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Athena McIntyre

I am an entrepreneur! I love life, music, people, places, and experiencing life to its MAX! I am currently 34 and feel a need to travel and play along the way!
I love camping, nature, writing, Climbing trees, free spirited. Ocean, beaches, living naturally, non burdened by materialistic things in life, being real.
I, like any one else, have been learning along the way of how to reprogram all that has been programed. Erasing what is unnecessary, Which is quite a bit. And entering in new information of why we are really here. To be and let be, to feel, to love, to give, and to see.
I have been wanting to record a CD for years now... Maybe along the way Ill find the perfect enlightenment and it will happen! I know a lot of musicians who feel it necessary to have CD's, Stickers, and all kinds of hoopla to travel on tour.... I however think that it is not always necessary.
I feel that if you think that's the case, you may be stuck for a VERRRRY LOOOONG Tiiiiime... Just Go and do it! Travel, Play, and take what may come. [+]