Atlas Endeavor Backcountry Snowshoes

The Atlas Endeavor Backcountry Snowshoe is a highly durable snowshoe designed to last through whatever the mountain throws at you. A great option for backcountry skiers and mountaineers alike, the Endeavor snowshoe offers a stainless steel crampon and aggressive serrated traction rails for the ultimate traction in icy or steep environments. The heel lift bar adds addition support and comfort for the calf muscle while the spring-loaded suspension allows for the natural movement of the foot through fluid motion. The reactiv-trac and composite v-frame combination creates a highly durable, but light weight base plate for maximum stability and strength. The V-Frame tail drags less snow and encourages straight track for a more efficient stride when walking. Get top quality performance out of the Atlas Endeavor Backcountry Snowshoe. [+]