Atomic Hawx 120 Ski Boots 2016

The Atomic Hawx 120 is a great ski boot for aggressive skiers looking for power in a ski boot that will be easy to dial in just for your foot. Atomic's Memory Fit Shell has the ability to be heated up by an authorized Atomic dealer that has a special oven. When the heated shell is placed on your foot then cooled, the shell will adapt to the shape of your foot. The Hawx 120 has ribs on the forefoot of the boot called Sole Flex. The Sole Flex allows the boot to flex naturally to improve your balance, give you a better feeling for the snow, and improve the amount of control you have over your skis. The Power Shift adjustment located on the rear spine of the boot allows you to adjust the forward lean, and increase or decrease the flex of the Hawx 120 for a fully customizable boot. If you are looking for a powerful ski boot that will be very easy to customize, and improve your feel of the snow, the Atomic Hawx 120 will make a great boot for you. [+]