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Atomic Hawx 2.0 130 Ski Boots

The Hawx 2.0 130 from Atomic is a stiff and aggressive boot for expert skiers who have never been able to find a boot that fits just right. Atomic's Memory Fit Shell is very easy to adapt to your foot. The shell can be placed in a special oven that most ski shops have, and then heated. When the warm shell is set on your foot, and cooled it can adapt the shape of your foot, for a comfortable and totally dialed in fit. The sole of the boot has ribs on it that allow the boot to have a more natural bend to it, to provide you with more control, and better balance, for better skiing. The Platinum Liner has 3M Thinsulate Insulation for a warm and insulated fit. The Hawx 130 has a Power Shift Forward Lean Adjustment that can allow you to adjust the forward lean from 13, 15 or 17 degrees for a totally customizable fit. If you are looking for a stiff boot that has all the performance you will ever need, and very easy to customize for yourself, the Atomic Hawx 2.0 130 will be a great boot for you. [+]