Atomic Overload 120 Ski Boots

The Atomic Overload 120 Ski Boots are innovative and awesome boots made for the park and pipe. The Carbon Highback gives you more power to your turns as well as more support when you land in the back seat to help bring you forward. The Flip Chip flex adjustment system allows you to bump up or down the flex rating by ten points. The Live Fit Panel is located on the lateral side of the foot. Live Fit is a soft pad that get pushed out when your foot is placed in the boot to match the shape of your foot for ultimate comfort and balance. A Stabilizer Buckle boasts a three-pronged design to really crank down your cuff buckle and the 50mm Velcro strap will keep you locked in securely and prevent shin bang. Its Pro T2 Shockilla Liner was made to help absorb the shocks from hard landings and softens the impact when you hit the rails. If you are one of those guys that will keep hiking the same jump, No-Slip Grip Pad on the toe and heel lugs will give you the traction you need to take another shot at that jump. If you have been looking for a park boot that has the very stiff flex the Atomic Overload 120 is your ultimate freestyle boot. [+]