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Atomic Redster Pro 120 Ski Boots

If you want a high end race boot to enhance your performance level then the Atomic Redster Pro 120 Ski Boots are an excellent choice. With its Rotational Power Control you get 10mm of total rotation offering better alignment making your skis more responsive, giving you quicker turn initiation and overall greater comfort - you'll have boot that matches your biomechanical requirements. Built with a Carbon Spine that's six times stiffer than plastic, you'll have maximum acceleration to help you boost speeds between turns and incredible edge grip to help cut those seconds off your time. Customize your fit with 4 buckles made of strong RSX 7000 that are all micro-adjustable and then strap in with the 55mm Strap for the ultimate heel hold and support. The Medium Flex Frame can also be replaced with a softer or harder frame for overall greater customization. With its ASY Elite T3 Liner, you'll have an asymmetrical liner that fits better and is more comfortable. Its heat-moldable properties allow customization further excellent comfort. The narrow fit on the Atomic Redster Pro 120 Ski Boots ensures that you have a secure fit that will provide unprecedented race performance. [+]