Atomic Redster Pro 80 Race Ski Boots

The Atomic Redster Pro 80 is a high end race boot with plenty to offer so you can race at the peak of your performance. By allowing you to rotate the cuff two degrees inward or six degrees outward you can ensure the best alignment so your skis can be more responsive, give you quicker turn initiation, and can be customized to your biomechanical needs. The upper cuff can rotate 5 mm in each direction so you can save big bucks by not having to get this speedster planed. There's a medium flex frame insert as well as a flat bottom chassis which allows your foot to sit naturally inside the boot for better balance and a more comfortable fit. The Poly Spine adds lots of rigidity with out adding extra weight for increase power and precision. A new sole profile gives the Redster more forefoot flexibility and improved responsiveness so if you are looking for a high powered race boot that will have you biomechanically matched up, the Atomic Redster Pro 80 Ski Boots will be waiting for you and everyone else at the finish line. [+]