Atomic Redster WC 160 Lifted Race Ski Boots

The Atomic Redster WC 160 Lifted is one of the most powerful race boots ever created. The 95mm last and beastly 160 flex rating are designed for the biggest and most aggressive racers that put the most power and pressure on their equipment. A Carbon Spine delivers the highest amount of rearward support and rebound possible, for lightning quick and responsive turns through the gates. To give you more leverage to tip your skis on edge, especially at ultra fast speeds, the Redster WC 160 has been lifted an extra 3mm. If you want power and stiffness the Atomic Redster WC 160 Lifted is the boot for you. A PROFESSIONAL BOOTFITTER MUST PLANE THE SOLES OF THIS BOOT BEFORE IT IS SAFE TO SKI IN. THE SOLE IS NOT DIN COMPLIANT! [+]