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Atomic Redster WC 90 Race Ski Boots

The Atomic Redster WC 90 is a great race boot for high school racers. Atomic builds the Redster WC 90 their Memory Fit Shell that is very easy to adapt for many different foot shapes. The shell can be placed in an oven to be heated, and then placed on your foot. When the shell cools it can adapt to the shape of your foot. The Redster 90 has a Flat Bottom Chassis that allows your foot to sit down flat inside the lower shell of the boot, for a slightly more correct fit. A Carbon Spine that runs up the back of the boot that delivers you a powerful forward flex, strong energy transmission, and a high amount of rebound. This is a strong race boot that is developed just for the smaller, but stronger racer. If you are one of those skiers, the Atomic Redster WC 90 will have you spinning laps around your competition. [+]