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Audiffex inTone Matrix Pro

inTone Matrix is part of the inTone family of real-time effect processors designed primarily for live performance and home practicing. Whether you are guitar, bass, keyboard player or a sound engineer, inTone can offer you everything you need. All that for really reasonable price.

inTuitive control
You start selecting sounds and once you are familiar with inTone, you create your own sounds.
Easy access to new sound banks published by other users on the web.
One-click recording. Recorded files are automatically added to the playlist.
One-click playback of the recorded performances.

inCluded effects
inTone Matrix comes with a set of 36 VST effects:

inTone can cooperate with other programs. For instance, it opens iTunes playlists, it connects to ReWire Device applications as Reason etc.

inFinite expandability
inTone opens the bundled effects as well as 3rd party instruments and effects. Even if you like any sound of a competitive software solution, you can use it in inTone.

inTone has a low latency audio engine. So the delay between you hit a key and you hear the generated sound is very short, you won't recognize it.
Play simultaneously with your favorite artists. Slow down playback to ease your practicing. This software offers many effects and unlimited number of their combinations for a price of several MIDI cables. And once you will get experienced with inTone, you can go to Experienced