Audio-Technica AT4050ST Stereo Condenser Microphone

The AT4050ST from Audio-Technica is a studio-grade side-address stereo microphone that offers terrific flexibility for a variety of applications. The mic housing contains independent cardioid and figure-8 condenser elements, which allows the mic to maintain precise pattern definition across a full frequency range. It also allows you to choose between a left-right stereo output or discrete mid-side signal.

The diaphragms are vapor-deposited with 2-micron thick gold, and undergo a 5-step aging process to ensure years of optimal use. Internal transformerless circuitry helps to eliminate low-frequency distortion and provides excellent correlation of high-speed transients. The housing has a symmetrical design that provides an open acoustical environment to minimize internal reflections.

For additional flexibility, the mic has an 80Hz high-pass filter to reduce low-frequency rumble and hum, as well as a 10dB pad switch, which provides extra headroom when recording loud sound sources. The AT4050ST comes complete with a custom shock mount, an extra-long XLR cable, a dust cover, and a protective carrying case. The mic is also certified by the METAlliance.