A-Z was a Danish discount store and was part of Dansk Supermarked A/S. It sold everything other than food and acted as a non-food version of Bilka. All of the A-Z stores were later converted into Bilka stores by 2014.

1987A-Z7.300 m²EsbjergConverted to Bilka 1994
1989A-Z7.200 m²SønderborgConverted to Bilka 2009
1990A-Z7.700 m²VejleConverted to Bilka 1993
1991A-Z8.000 m²ViborgConverted to Bilka 2005
1992A-Z8.500 m²Hjørring
1999A-Z6.700 m²HerningConverted to Bilka 2011