AWA Innbrucke Hotel

The AWA Innbrucke hotel is the most fun and vibrant hotel in Innsbruck. We have a young dynamic staff (our family) and downstairs we have a bar, which is widely considered to be the hippest, most fun bar in the city. We have great DJ nights too and has become one of the top hot spots in Innsbruck, with D.J nights, and a wide variety of drinks to choose from.

We offer free buffet breakfast included in the room price, and we have a free computer for our guests to use in the lobby to check business, or search for the various activities to do in Innsbruck, and the surrounding areas.

Come stay with us, and the AWA Hotel Innbrucke, and we promise you the vacation of a lifetime.

Our hotel is also a historical gem in the very heart of the city, with breathtaking views over the Inn river, and surrounding mountains above. Built in the 1400's, you will be amazed by the buildings historical past.

All of Innsbruck's top spots, including skiing, hiking, shopping, and restaurants all just minutes away.

Family owned, for over 4 generations, the family's pride shows in the quality and design of every room. Large spacious rooms, many en-suite with all
different types of bed options to accommodate up to 6 person groups, or families. Please note that for special promotions you can visit our direct site awahostels com where you can save up to 25% off your next reservation. We also offer rooms with communal baths for the budget traveler.