AXIS Tranq Kiteboard

If you want a board that can pretty much do anything, anywhere then you'll want to ride on the Axis Tranq Kiteboard. This board rocks in the flat water, park features, choppy water and more. The flex pattern of the Tranq ensures you can get great pop and speed even if the wind isn't howling as hard as you wish. You'll find your hard landings are a little smoother and the planing a little quicker too. Its Ptex Grindable Base is a Polyethylene material which provides glide over obstacles like you were jamming in the park. This board is super durable and responsive so you can ride hard day-in and day-out with maximum performance. If you want to kiteboard that should be found in museums then you'll want the instant classic known as Axis Tranq Kiteboard when you head to the water. [+]