Bala Venugopal, MB

Dr. Bala Venugopal has been practicing medicine for the past several years. He began his medical studies in India, where he earned his medical degree, and chose to pursue a career in Pediatrics. Dr. Venugopal completed a Fellowship in Pediatrics and Neonatology at the Royal College of Physicians, in London, England. Afterwards, he came to the U.S. where he completed another residency at Michigan State University, before moving to California in 1999, where he has been practicing locally ever since.

Dr. Venugopal enjoys his work as a pediatrician. In his specialty, he is able to really share in the lives of his young patients and their families. He enjoys getting to know each family member and having the privilege to watch the children grow up. Dr. Venugopal believes that this ongoing interaction between physician and family is essential to the healthy development of each child.

Regarding childhood obesity, the most common challenge facing U.S. families today, Dr. Venugopal says that the practice of eating a healthy diet is most important. "Children cannot eat a well-portioned, healthy meal, without the guidance of their parents. The first step in combatting childhood obesity, is to get the entire family on board and committed to change. Parents must lead the way, by being an example for their children." Dr. Venugopal suggests that by preparing healthy meals and sharing in those meals together as a family, parents will be able to teach their child healthy habits that will stick with them as they grow up.

In the past, Dr. Venugopal participated as resident instructor for the residency program at Michigan State University, and is currently an attending physician to residents at Downey PIH's Family Medicine Residency Program. He has received several awards having been recognized by both residents and his peers as being an outstanding instructor and physician as he mentors new doctors undergoing their post graduate training.

Dr. Venugopal and his wife, who is also a physician, have two children. Dr. Venugopal is also an avid tennis player. He is a part of a local tennis organization, where he enjoys spending his free time playing games of tennis with friends and family.