Balmain Brewing Company

The Balmain Brewing Company was launched in 2010 in honour of tradition, mates and pub culture. The Company is owned by a group of passionate mates, locals to Balmain, with the following vision: • Becoming Sydney’s own iconic local beer company, representing tradition, mates and pub culture • Brewing hand-crafted quality beer • Having the majority of pubs in Sydney pouring a Balmain Brewing Company beer • Re-opening the old Balmain Brewery of the 1980’s as a Microbrewery/Restaurant. The mates dreamed up the plan while drinking over the years in each of Balmain’s 17 pubs, and hearing about the Balmain Brewery of last century and the 55 pubs of the 1800’s! Over the last couple of years several beers have been launched – Balmain Pale Ale, Balmain Pilsner and Balmain Bock, as well as the recent launch of the Balmain Apple Cider. 2012 will see the introduction of a wider range of bottled beer and the planned opening of the Balmain Microbrewery/Restaurant. [+]