Young Soulja The Realest (YSTR) is a trademarked American urban/pop major recording artist that has a number of accomplishments and focuses on creating material that is competitive in today’s market. He was first recognized on a major level when he released his major release “Well Connected” mixed and hosted by the famous DJ ILL WILL which featured an exclusive from R.Kelly. The release landed over 1 million FREE downloads off the internet by unique users. Next he featured in a major motion picture with “Ja Rule” and “Adrienne Bailon” entitled “I’m In Love With A Church Girl” that was released October 18th 2013 . YSTR kept the hype going when he went on tour with a bunch of household names such as Ray- J, Big Sean, Tyga , E-40, Paul Wall, Ruban Studdard and many more. Young Soulja is taking over the internet with whopping numbers of 1.3 Million MySpace plays. Reference: ( YSTR’s fanbase has spread not only in the U.S. but international. He not only has a presence in America but also places like Australia, Japan , South Africa, and South America. His following is constantly increasing day by day and his music is spreading like a virus. He was also featured on WorldStarHipHop when they released his debut documentary “For All It’s Worth” The Movie. YSTR stops at nothing to be the best and peak positioned number “4” on the charts with his smash radio friendly song “Shake It” on the California Music Channel on broadcast television Hosted by Clear Channel’s radio personality Chewy Gomez. He only works on releasing radio ready hits, so every song he releases has its purpose. He has already performed at a variety of upscale nightclubs, concerts, and festivals all over the United States and performs every show like it’s his last. Young Soulja The Realest puts on a great show and connects with audience by any means and is setting the mark of becoming the next worldwide icon. [+]